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Love your children more than you  care about the differences between you.  Your children will thank you.  

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My own personal style is "Casual Friday".  *I will be excited to see you' *Give you my undivided attention* 'Listen to you* 'Ask you questions to clarify I heard you correctly and am on the same page of understanding* *Ask questions to propel you forward*  In the process, we'll laugh together and connect at a deeper level.


Combining skills, education and 35+ years of experience gained through a diverse background of trauma-informed care, domestic violence, sexual assault, child welfare investigations, substance abuse, teaching and coaching, I passionately support women and their families through the different phases of divorce.


All of my degrees, licensures and certifications were issued in Sociology, Psychology, Coaching and Teaching. 

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Let's work together.  I know firsthand how hard it can be when your life takes a turn and the next chapters are not what you expected-whether that involves the need for marriage coaching, separation, divorce, or there's been a personal trauma involving the family. 

I know how to work as a divorced co-parent and blended family, having been doing so for 24 years very successfully. My passion is assisting couples back on the path to reconciliation, supporting the blended family (Life Partner vs. Parent Partner) and organizing and assisting those going through divorce create a healthy future for their children.